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von Alexander Lobastov
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Only recently the best way to get the cryptocurrency news was to visit relevant websites such as Coin Telegraph or Coindesk for bitcoin price & news using a manual search of worthy articles. Now there is another, much better way to read the most important news.

Meet the Crypto News application for iOS. This is a perfect aggregator of the news regarding Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other blockchain technologies. The Crypto News application for iOS allows collecting the latest news regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain without additional assistance.

The world of blockchain technologies changes every hour and accordingly main thematic websites provide the news. To be well informed about the events and main trends is a task both useful and engaging for investors, miners and all those who are interested in the Bitcoin news as well as the news regarding Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Monero, Nem and other altcoins. Forget about time consuming and boring manual search! A small icon on your iOS is a powerful source of the news about current status, tendencies, and rates.

The Bitcoin news app developers besides the newsfeed have also included a tab with Coin Market Cap where you can get the latest cryptocurrencies rates. Therefore you don?t need a bitcoin price widget as you can get it right from the Crypto News.

The application's main idea is an automatic collection of the news, articles, posts based on the most advanced and reliable sources. The list of sources is regularly updated by the app's developers.

The developers' talent and thoughtful approach ensure an instant download of just published news. Another feature is that this application has zero battery's consumption of your device. All push-notifications include the headings of the important and valuable news and reports.

All the news open on request. Forget about extra traffic expenses and overloaded websites which use your device's CPU and RAM. There is just the most interesting Crypto News in compact and usable design ? it?s all for your convenience!

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