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?Pro Guide for Clash Royale written by the top Royale Pros & Streamers!
-All Cards, Stats & Counters Covered (Troops, Spells & Towers)
-Top Decks for Each Arena!
-Chests Tracker & Info
-Tons of Pro Strategies & Articles

?Cards Section
-Covers all cards (Troops, Spells & Towers)
-Shows complete stats for all cards
-Tells you how to counter all cards

?Decks Section
-Covers each arena with top decks
-Detailed info on how to use each deck
-Decks created and used by the top pros & streamers

?Chest Tracker Section
-Includes the #1 chest tracker on the app store
-Tells you when you will get your next magic/giant/gold chest!

?This App Covers All The Reward Chests:
?Super Magical Chest
?Giant Chest
?Magical Chest
?Golden Chest
?Silver Chest

?Complete Chest Card & Gold Info:
?Gold Drop Info
?Card Count Drop Info
?Card Type Info (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary)
?Covered For Each Arena!

?Strategy Section
-Includes detailed information that the other guides just dont have.
-Tips & Tricks from the real pros.
?New Player Tips
?Pro Techniques: Pulling
?Pro Techniques: Countering
?Pro Techniques: Splashing
?Chest Basics
?Chest Rotation & Tracker
?Spending Gems F2P
?Spending Gems Paid
?Game Secrets

Thanks for taking a look and being a part of the Clash Royale Fan Community. This is a fan app that is free of charge and claims no rights to Clash Royale or its contents! Thanks!

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